Chris Kamberis explains why Commercial Real Estate is an Investment

Chris Kamberis, real estate expert and CEO of CTK Real Estate, a Commercial Real Estate Development business headquartered in Kansas City, is known as one of the country’s best analysts of trends in the property sector. As a thought-leader in his field, he sees the current trend as upward in commercial real estate, where the optimism is being fueled by industry-focused technology and large amounts of investment from outside the United States.

Chris Kamberis, like the majority of experts, believes that the recent influx of technology will impact commercial real estate (CRE) in a positive way. He notes that CRE technology firms will undoubtedly have an impact on four areas of the industry: leasing data and workflow platforms, “open source” data exchanges, advanced analytics platforms, and online marketplace solutions. In a Forbes Insights survey of 201 senior executives at CRE firms, 55 percent agreed that technology is revolutionizing their industry. Half of the respondents said they are already benefiting from the latest CRE-focused technology, yet only 11 percent rated themselves as “leading edge” in the area of implementing that technology.  The survey was conducted between February 12 and March 14 of last year.

An additional challenge facing CRE analysts is that the industry is becoming more globalized. The firm CBRE Research estimates that investments valued at $9.0 billion and $9.4 billion, from China and the Middle East respectively, were made into the U.S. commercial real estate market last year, and a similar volume is expected this year. This movement of capital coincides with a recent change in U.S. tax laws that will give qualified foreign pension plans more favorable tax treatments for investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts. Chris Kamberis is better positioned than most to analyze these developments, especially as the CRE industry changes rapidly and becomes increasingly complex.

Property expert, Chris Kamberis is an established leader in the commercial real estate market with over two decades of experience. As the Founder and President of CTK Real Estate, a national portfolio acquisition and development company in Kansas City, MO, he has been the driving force behind some of the most progressive and complex expansions for commercial and industrial real estate. The company’s impressive roster of past and current clients features some of the world’s biggest corporations, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Fifth Third Bank, McDonald’s, Burger King, BP Products North America, and Starbucks.

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