Chris Kamberis – On How to Start a Real Estate Business

Numerous real estate beginners started to invest as a result of the strong increase in house pricing in America. The increase is estimated to have reached 25% since 2012.

Pair this exceptional growth with record-breaking low interest rates, and the opportunity to make a considerable profit is an alluring one.  Of course, like any new venture, it pays – literally – to learn as much about the art and strategy of buying real estate as possible.  Commercial real estate investor and Founder of CTK Real Estate, Chris Kamberis has recently shared his expertise and a few tips that will help new investors who are entering the market.

“There are a multitude of factors that determine real estate value, and the investors who consistently see returns are the one who take time to educate themselves about all aspects of the project”, says Chris Kamberis.  They know the location and the history of the place, because understanding what drove the early development or the area is a key way to find potential neighborhoods that may have been forgotten and potentially undervalued here in the present. 

Evaluating the overall local economy and assessing current growth trends is a vital component to successful property investing.  Is the population growing, and in which parts of town?  What new developments are planned that will likely spur additional growth and boost land values?  What are the transportation issues in the area?  Is there substantial infrastructure for the future population or will the local government need to expand roads or add rail lines – which usually means increasing real estate taxes and tends to make neighborhoods outside those municipal boundaries more attractive to residents and businesses.  

The most important piece of advice, which ultimately guides everything else, says Chris Kamberis, is “to always treat your business like a business, and not a hobby.  Real estate investing is a matter of cash flow, value and long-term planning; it is not an emotional transaction. The way buying your primary residence may have been.”  It is essential to write a business plan that covers one, three, five and ten years.  Create systems, process and rules that guide you like clockwork, objectively rather than subjectively.

With over two decades of experience, Chris Kamberis has established himself as a leader in the commercial real estate market. As the founder of CTK Real Estate, he is known for his accurate research and strategic analysis, and as someone who can recognize potential in any economic climate. To date, Kamberis has been attached to projects with some of the world’s biggest corporations, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Fifth Third Bank, McDonald’s, Burger King, BP Products North America, and Starbucks.

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