Chris Kamberis – Brings Night Blooms Darkroom & Book Store to Crossroads District

Chris Kamberis - Brings Night Blooms Darkroom & Book Store to Crossroads District
Chris Kamberis – Brings Night Blooms Darkroom & Book Store to Crossroads District

KANSAS CITY, MO – Chris Kamberis, the Founder and President of CTK Group, which focuses on commercial real estate development, was a key player in the opening of Night Blooms Darkroom and Book Store. The store places a special emphasis on used and out of print books, focusing on literature, philosophy, and art. It also offers services for photographers who need space to develop their work.

“Photographers didn’t have a darkroom to work in,” stated Hanson, when describing the motivation behind opening the store. “Book lovers had no shops downtown; artists and performers needed a venue to hold shoots.” Chris Kamberis often works with business owners and individuals to improve access to available real estate in Kansas City, and larger strategic markets. His determination to facilitate their needs and find the right space and location for her was due to his commitment to supporting the arts communities in urban regions. The process consisted of searching for the ideal combination of sizable real estate in a suitable location, CTK Group supported the needs thousands of citizens in the area. “It has been great working with Chris Kamberis,” says Hanson. “He gave us a chance just when we needed it and has given us the freedom to make the space a perfect fit for Night Blooms – he believed in us.”

Sam Jones and Ruby Hanson, the local artists responsible for Night Blooms located in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, have filled the creative void felt by artists and photographers in the community. Hanson’s passion for developing film faced a challenge after struggling to have access to appropriate resources once she started her career. Inspired by a compelling story and determined to contribute to the local arts community, Chris Kamberis assisted Jones and Hanson open Night Blooms in January 2016 with his services.

Now, Night Blooms is a corner shop on the Boulevard fulfilling the needs of many who were searching for an innovative store designed to meet the needs of other young readers and photographers. Since its opening, thousands of locals have directly benefitted from the ability to purchase, trade, and donate hundreds of pieces of literature to help the community increase access to knowledge and inspiration. It also provides customers with the opportunity to print photographs in a professional darkroom for those who practice cinematography and develop their own artwork.

Chris Kamberis is the Founder and President of CTK Group, a leading commercial real estate development company based in Kansas City, Missouri. He oversees projects on behalf of each of his clients, and has a strong track record for accurately recognizing movements in the property market and for optimizing potential for everyone he works with. As well as individuals, Kamberis has completed many notable transactions on behalf of businesses including Starbucks, Bank of America, and other Fortune 500 companies.


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