Opus Got a Green Light for Real Estate Project in Westport

Westport was allowed to develop a new real estate project which is a complex with 256 apartments. The neighborhood project will give a facelift to the region and is being acclaimed as more than a simple apartment building. Offering a mixed-use residential property, residents are excited for a rejuvenated space that positively affects the community. Chris Kamberis, founder of CTK Real Estate and principal of CTK Westport LLC, currently owns the property located at 331 Westport Road.

As the demand keeps expanding beyond expectations, Opus has planned to revitalize different areas of the city. Opus Development submitted plans to City Hall for the project located at the southeast corner of Broadway and Westport Road. Replacing an existing Bank of America building and an empty lot behind it, the L-shaped structure will make available residential, commercial, and retail spaces. Additional parking and services are just some of the benefits locals are anticipating.

The Westport project is one of the most recent activities in the Kansas City mixed-use real estate apartment market.Opus also recently received approval for a development of a 226-unit apartment project in the Crossroads.  Giving a facelift to the entire area, the company is focused on supporting local businesses and community services. By participating in a revival extending from the downtown core, the people and culture will be able to thrive. Additional entertainment and retail options will continue to build the local market, which was considered an important aspect of the initial plan in Crossroads.